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Michele's fucked up drama
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28th-Jan-2010 08:45 am - its been a while.

so things have been ok here, havent written in here for a while so here goes. Nothing really new, the same ol shit just different day, jason has been pretty decent latley, and i dont know why, maybe diane had a talk with him or he heard us talkin shit, i dont know. but still it doesnt make me and emerson happy, we are going back to florida in april and even tho it might be in a homeless shelter its still gonna be florida, which is what me and emerson want in the first place. we havent told jason and diane yet, but we will when the time is right, and i know that they are gonna mad but there not gonna show it, there gonna show that they dont care, when we know that they do. but whatever, you know we came here thinkin that they were gonna help us if we help them and that hasnt happened at all! we do everything around here its ridiculous, i mean its there house, how come they cant clean up after there kids, or after dinner. the shit is getting real old, and we have all talked about it before but it doesnt do anything. cept get diane all butthurt about it and piss her off to the point where she is just coming in her room and crying about it. im just sick of doing everything, its always me and emerson cleaning, doin laundry, picking up dog shit, feeding the kids bathing the kids, puting there clothes on, makin dinner and everything else. those motherfuckers dont do a damn thing, the only times diane cleans is when jason makes her, which isnt often b.c he claims that she works so she doesnt have to clean which is bs b.c she works at cvs, its not like she has this super ard job that she goes too everyday.

Anyways other than that i dont know what else to write. oh wait, i guess emerson and ashley arent friends but i know that wont be the last time we here from her, its only gonna be a matter of time, b4 those 2 are talkin again, but forget how i feel about it tho., i dont really talk to guys b/c i know emerson dont like it, but he can talk to ashley allllll he wants. but whatever.

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